23. 11. 2020
The fastest extraoral scanners Medit T-series
  Quality hardware and software work together and offer your lab the fastest scanner in the dental industry!                        4 High...
23. 11. 2020
The simplest system for making total acrylic dentures
GELCAST SYSTEM Used for making upper and lower total prosthesis with acrylic pouring technique. Advantages: Making total dentures with the Gelcast system is fast (approx. 100 min). There is no cleaning of t...
23. 10. 2020
With Interdent acrylates to the most beautiful acrylic dentures!
                              INTERACRYL HOT Acrylic resin for rapid heat-curing procedure. Cadmium-free Indications...
18. 8. 2020
With you from the very beginning!
We are one of the few manufacturers of dental alloys and CoCr discs for CAD/CAM technology.     Own production means many advantages for our customers! Proven raw material Controlled and repeatable...
20. 7. 2020
Duplicate with confidence!
INTERDUPLICAST   Addition-curing two component silicon with low viscosity for duplicating models in dental laboratories.   Compatible with stone and phosphate materials Models are easily removed...
10. 7. 2020
Stone adapted to model systems!
INTERROCK PREMIUM Extremely high quality, less thixotropic, synthetic, super hard stone Tip IV, for making a precise working model in a fixed prosthetic. It is distinguished by its high strength, smooth surfa...