Artistic wax

Artistic wax

Artistic wax

Wax for aesthetic modelling and wax-up, for analysis of the shape and colour of the tooth.
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Available in opaque, transparent and super translucent versions. The transparent and super translucent waxes burn out without residues and are therefore also suitable for pressed ceramics.

Education – first wax, then ceramic
The existing wax colours are very similar to ceramic and their effects which allow imitation of modelling teeth in
wax, comparable to one in ceramic. Dental technicians have the possibility to learn how to veneer ceramic and
effects through wax.

Artistic wax allows better communication between dentists, dental technicians and patients, because we can
present the final look of the restoration to patients while making a mock-up using aesthetic wax.

With proper analysis of tooth shape and morphology, as well as with the progressive workflow, to successful
modelling of the tooth shape.

Dental technicians can present their knowledge in morphology, anatomy and colour of the tooth on social
networks, which gives dental technicians visibility on a higher level.

• monolithic and diagnostic wax-up,
• crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges,
• realistic look.


Artistic wax complet set
Content: Basic set, Super translucent set, Gingiva set & connectors - á 3.

Artistic wax basic set
Content: dentin ivory, dentin ivory-orange, basic transparent, dark brown transparent, red-brown transparent, black, viola-grey transparent, yellow transparent, blue super translucent, gingiva pink transparent.

Artistic wax super translucent set
Content: yellow super translucent, red-brown super translucent, orange super translucent, brown-green super translucent, grey super translucent, viola-grey super translucent, pink super translucent, neutral super translucent, ivory super translucent.

Artistic wax gingiva set
Content: gingiva red-pink opaque, gingiva pink opaque, gingiva red opaque, gingiva red transparent.