Support and education

Support and education

You are deciding to buy a milling unit, you just made a purchase or you are using the milling unit for a longer period of time? Interdent CAD/CAM Team is here for you!

I am deciding to buy

In the company INTERDENT we will be happy to assist you with your very important decision. According to your needs we will advise you a suitable unit that will optimize your working processes in laboratory.

I just made a purchase

The first major step has already been realized and thus enter the INTERDENT CAD/CAM Team, where you will find professional approach of experienced dental technicians and CAD/CAM specialists. You will learn how to use the machine and materials. Together with them you will connect your dental expertise with high-tech computer technology and learn the foundations for optimal results and efficient work.

I am already using a milling unit for a longer period of time

CC POWER, CC COSMO or CC TRENDY milling unit has become the centre of your practice. After certain time, new questions occur, so only effective, available, fast and professional support is the most important thing you need and that is what INTERDENT CAD/CAM Team will assure it to you. We will be at your disposal through different media, such as personal and as well over the phone or camera. 


ĐEVAD MEHMEDOVIĆ - Product specialist

+386 (0)3 425 62 12 
+386 (0)41/653-977

ROK SLIVNIKAR – Dental technician, milling center

+386 (0)3 425 62 43
+386 (0)41/374-791

SAMIR BERISALIĆ – Dental technician, demonstrator

+386 (0)41/355-914

MIHAEL SKAZA – Dental technician, demonstrato

+386 (0)51/687-969