18. 3. 2019
As part of the largest dental fair in the world - IDS 2019 - we presented some innovations both in CAD / CAM, as well as in classical technologies that will facilitate and modernize daily work for dental technicians...
11. 1. 2019
This year again, the most important event in dentistry – IDS 2019!
There is only one event in the world where all serious manufacturers of dental materials and equipment are present, where new products get to see the world and where it can be seen how dentistry will look like in the...
9. 7. 2018
Entering Digital technologies takes courage!
It makes you think about a lot of things, such as costs, changed work processes, lack of understanding, brand choice and a lot more. But these things shouldn`t distract you from following new technologies since they...
1. 6. 2018
i500 - Intraoral scanner
MEDIT i500   With the new Intraoral scanner Identica i500 digital scanning is very precise, harmless with no radiation and more comfortable for the patient. It alows extremely precise and fast production of pr...
18. 8. 2017
New in our offer: AQUAMAT and ZIRKON SPATULA
AQUAMAT –  is used for polymerization of acrylic plastics. The unit is designed for work in dental laboratories. It can work without heating so it can also be used as a pressue chamber. The polymeri...
1. 8. 2017
AQUAMAT - Polymerizer for acrylic plastics
AQUAMAT - Polymerizer for acrylic plastics This device is used for polymerization of acrylic plastics and stuffing of investments. It is designed for  work in dental laboratories. The unit can work with...