Multilayer Zirconia Discs – A New Generation of High-End Aesthetics!

26. 9. 2019

Exceptional light transmission with enhanced chroma in the neck area and a seamless translucency gradient assure natural, beautiful and lifelike dental restorations.


A high demand for quality and supremely aesthetic dental restorations is becoming an everyday standard. With that standard a higher demand for high-quality material is present.


With the beautiful and life-like visual appearance of the Interdent Multilayer Zirconia Discs and their excellent mechanical properties, Interdent is following the latest trends in aesthetic dentistry.


Being able to achieve outstanding aesthetics in all full ceramic restorations is one of the dreams of every dental professional all over the world. And to achieve that level of aesthetics with almost no effort is maybe the ultimate dream.


Well, Interdent can make your dreams come true with a wide range of natural-looking multi-layered zirconia discs.



CC DISK Zr HT Multilayer

Highly translucent multilayer zirconia is intended for the production of monolithic,

full anatomical restorations and for partially or fully veneered frameworks that don`t

exceed three units. The outstanding light transmission of 46% at 1 mm thickness

makes it perfectly suitable for aesthetic solutions in both the anterior and posterior regions.

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Zr HT Multilayer


CC DISK Zr SMILE Multilayer

Super-highly translucent multilayer Smile zirconia is suitable for the production of monolithic,

full anatomical restorations and for partially or fully veneered frameworks that don`t exceed

three units. The exceptional light transmission of 49% makes it a perfect choice for

ultra-aesthetic solutions in the anterior region. Properties similar to lithium disilicate.

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   Zr SMILE Multilayer

Graduations in shade

High-quality white or pre-coloured zirconia with gradations in shade, translucency and flexural strength can achieve outstanding aesthetics through a quick and simple process.

・ Exceptional light transmission
・ Enhanced chroma in the neck area                                                            
・ Properties similar to lithium disilicate 
・ Beautiful natural shades
・ Translucency gradient
・ Flexural strength gradient
・ Life-like shade reproduction


With a bit of individual ceramic layering, a perfect aesthetic can be achieved in your restoration in no time. A cut-back design in your multilayered zirconia structure in combination with some individual ceramic layering certainly has a wow factor. The results are just astonishing…

Want to skip the layering? Why not? Reproducing life-like shades by simply combining monolithic multi-layered zirconia with some stain/glaze firing afterwards has never been easier.