CAD/CAM scanning and designing

The course is aimed to those who have made the purchase of the scanner Identica Blue or Identica Hybrid and software (SW) ExoCad and would like to learn basics of scanning and designing.


  • theoretical presentation of the scanner Identica Blue and SW ExoCad,
  • model and impression scanning,
  • scanning of the intercuspal relation in the articulator,
  • designing of the prosthetic substituts in SW ExoCad (setting up preparation board, missing teeth, connectors, …)
  • designing of the 5-unit bridge, case on the implants, inlay, veneer in different materials
  • (CoCr, zirconium, PMMA, Suprinity,…).

A participant may bring to the course their work for the patient. By convention, the construction can be milled out of following disc: CC DISC NF CoCr, CC DISC Ti2, CC DISC Ti5, CC DISC Zr, CC DISC PMMA, Suprinity ...

Basic information

  • LocationEducation center Interdent Celje
  • Duration1 day
  • Number of participants1 - 3
  • Languageenglish / german
  • Price366,00 € incl. VAT


Mihael Skaza, zt

Curriculum vitae

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