• Teilnehmer Meinung
    Wenn ich komme an den Kurs, kenne ich fast Niemand aber am Ende sind wir alle Freunden und das macht Mensch reich. Auch in dieses Jahr war ich schon zweimal auf den Kurs und ich komme bestimmt wieder.
    Vesna Florjančič,,
    Ordinacija Florjančič
    • Teilnehmer Meinung
      Kleine Grupe und echt gute Kontakt mit Vortragenden, die sind meistens sehr erfahrende Fachleute. Ich erhalte viele neue Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen, weil nach dem Vortrag kommt meistens noch ein Arbeit auf Patient.
      Vesna Florjančič,,
      Ordinacija Florjančič
      • Teilnehmer Meinung
        Gratulieren an Kenntnisse und Fertigkeit. Einfach so weiter.
        Marcela Jurilj,
        Ordinacija Gros
        • Teilnehmer Meinung
          Ich bin sehr oft an Interdent Work shops Teilnehmer, auser theoretischer Teil ist immer noch praktische Work shop. Sehr interessant sind auch Ausbildungen über neue Materialen und Abfertigungen. Auch Vorträge, die alte und neue Kenntnisse verfestigen, sind sehr interessant.
          Domen Gros,,
          Ordinacija Gros
          • Teilnehmer Meinung
            Very professional, full of new ideas. After many years of work, knowledge still has to be upgraded. Interdent workshops have professional lecturers and professional staff. I am very pleased that I can upgrade my knowledge here.
            Mateja Bašl,
            Zob. lab. Darko Bašl


            Since its very beginnings, Interdent has strived not only to produce and sell products but also to train users on the proper handling of products and new technologies.
            • Lecture room for 50 persons
            • Demonstration laboratories with 12 and 4 workplaces
            • General dentistry office
            • Implantology office
            • CAD/CAM training centre
            • Renowned domestic and foreign lecturers
            • Acquisition of a training certificate
            • Professional gathering
            How to register? You can register for all courses over the phone or in writing via the website.
            Phone: +386 (0) 3 425 62 03
            When to register? Indicative applications for all training courses are collected at the beginning of the year. The registration is non-binding; you are contacted 2 to 3 weeks before the training course to confirm your attendance. The final date to register for a selected training course, however, is 7 days prior to its commencement. Since the number of seats is limited, you are kindly asked to register as soon as possible. Namely, the order of registrations or prepayments is taken into account.
            When to pay for the training course? After receiving registration, we will send you an invoice for the prepayment and other information about the training course selected. The prepayment amounts to 30% (or 50% for master courses) of the total registration fee and is to be settled at least 7 days before the start of the course. You may attend certain selected training courses free of charge if you purchase consumables of defined value at Interdent Celje or its representative offices.
            About the courses and registration fee Courses are held at the premises of the Interdent Training Centre, at Opekarniška cesta 26 in Celje. Every participant receives a training certificate and photo; this does not apply to lectures and free presentations. The price of a training course lasting one or more days includes lunch, coffee, refreshments during breaks and all materials used in the training course.
            Accommodation The following accommodations are possible for the training courses held in Celje:
            Hotel Celeia
            Mariborska cesta 3, 3000 Celje,
            +386 (0) 41 389 300
            A 4-minute drive from Interdent; it is located in the vicinity of the main bus station and has its own parking lot.
            Hotel Grande
            Bežigrajska cesta 7, 3000 Celje,
            +386 (0) 3 342 55 100
            A 3-minute drive from Interdent; it is located in the direct proximity of shopping centres and has its own parking lot.
            Celjski Mladinski Center
            MCC Hostel, Mariborska 2, 3000 Celje,
            +386 (0) 3 490-87-42
            A 4-minute drive from Interdent; it is located in the vicinity of the main bus station and has its own parking lot.