• Participants opinions
    I usually come to the course without being acquainted with other participants. I get to know most of them during the course, which is an enriching experience. This year I attended the course twice and I am certain that I will come again.
    Vesna Florjančič, D. M. D.,
    Ordinacija Florjančič
    • Participants opinions
      It is a great pleasure to learn from you.
      Jelena Korica,
      Ordinacija Florjančič
      • Participants opinions
        I attended the education workshop about relaxation splints. I was enraptured by the professional work, where I gained new knowledge, and the organization. Both are on an enviably high level.
        Nataša Prunk, D. M. D.,
        Ordinacija Prunk
        • Participants opinions
          I often attend Interdent's vocational training because the theoretic work is always followed by a practical workshop. The information about new materials and procedures is just as interesting as lectures that improve the knowledge.
          Domen Gros, D. M. D.,
          Ordinacija Gros
          • Participants opinions
            It is my pleasure to attend education workshops at Interdent because I have gained a lot of new applicable knowledge which proved efficient at my work. Meetings in small groups are pleasant because they allow interchange of opinions and forming new acquaintances. I would like to compliment the organizers who prudently choose the themes for the workshops and therefore ensure that the Slovene dental medicine follows the contemporary trends both in theory and practice.
            Tadeja Kramarič-Čizmazija, D. M. D.,
            Ordinacija Kramarič-Čizmazija

            Milling centre

            Within the scope of the CAD/CAM System, we provide Milling Centre services, which will reduce the costs of your laboratory and improve the quality and productivity of your work.

            • Accuracy

            We provide highly accurate technology, both for the design as well as the implementation and use of certified products containing a LOT number for traceability purposes.

            • Simplicity

            A simple high-tech process; you can send a document in STL format or in the form of a physical model suitably prepared to the Milling Centre.

            • Flexibility

            Various materials of different thicknesses are available for various indications. Materials: CoCr, Ti2, Ti5, Zr, Zr HT, Zr dyed, PMMA, PMMA Pink, PMMA Transparent, PMMA X-ray, glass-ceramics, lithium disilicate, etc.

            • Open system

            Our service is an open-type service, as we can accept files available in STL format from different systems.

            • Delivery

            An STL file or model that arrives by noon is processed within 48 hours. This does not apply to Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The delivery period is indicated in the price list and depends on the General Terms and Conditions of the supplier.

            • Order

            If you wish to send a file in STL format, you can place your order on the website www.interdent.cc or by email to cadcam@interdent.cc. To order the scanning of a physical model and design, the model needs to be sent to the address: Interdent d.o.o., Milling center, Opekarniška cesta 26, 3000 Celje, Slovenia.

            • Price list of services

            To get the price list of services, please contact us at cadcam@interdent.cc or call us at +386 (0)3 425 62 00.