i500 - Intraoral scanner

1. 6. 2018

MEDIT i500


With the new Intraoral scanner Identica i500 digital scanning is very precise, harmless with no radiation and more comfortable for the patient. It alows extremely precise and fast production of prosthetic products for dentists and dental laboratories.


Digital scanning with Identica i500 is used for digital design of prosthetic products. By using such a progressive system it is possible to create the final product in only a few hours.





Technical data:

• Tip: 18x15.2mm (WxH)
• Overall handpiece lenght: 266mm
• Weight: 276g
• Imaging technology: 3D-in-motion video technology
• Color: 3D full color streaming capture
• Connectivity: USB 3.0
• Scanning FOV: 14x13mm


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